Wednesday 25. 3. 2015 start at 14:00                                           

- Opening session: welcome and greetings

Miertus, S. (University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava & ICARST)

Lehotay, J. (University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava)

Marelli, L. (Joint Research Centre, European Commision)

Rosso Cicogna, G. (Central European Initiative)

Chudá, Z. (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic)

Representative of Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Slovak Republic

- State of the art and challenges in Advanced Biofuels and Bioenergy

Bacovsky, D. (Bioenergy 2020): Overview of advanced biofuels technologies.


Kaltschmitt, M. (Hamburg University of Technology): Integrated biorefinery: Ambition, demands and reality.


Perathoner, S. (University of Messina): Integrating bio- and solar-refineries to move to a low-carbon bioeconomy.


- International initiatives and programs in ABBE (EU, CEI, JRC, OCSE, UN ECE, Danube Region initiative, etc.)

Calikowski, T. (European Commission): European bioeconomy: biorefinery and bio-based industries - EC initiatives.

Yigitguden, Y. (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe): Energy for sustainable future.

Canciani, P. (Central European Initiative): The role of the Central European Initiative the promotion of res and the bioeconomy in central, east and south-east Europe.

Marelli, L. (Joint Research Centre, European Commision): JRC EC programs in ABBE.

Sambucini, G. (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe):The role of the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe in the field of renewable energy.

Kaufmann, A.K. (Biocampus Straubing Germany): Green chemistry belt - a vision for the Danube region.

Zivic, L. (Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia): Poly4emi – polymers for emerging industries.

Thursday 26. 3. 2015                                                                    

- Future biofuels, biorefinery, biobased chemicals, bioplastics, biomaterials

Behrendt, D. (Forschungzentrum Jülich): Biofuels from algae: Recent development, problems and prospects.

Fornasiero, P. (University of Trieste): Hydrogen - a fuel of future and more: Challenges and problems.


Bruschi, C. (Central European Initiative and ICGEB): 4th generation of biofuels based on GMOs.


Rebroš, M. (Slovak University of Technology): Immobilized biocatalysis for biofuel production.


Gardossi, L. (University of Trieste): Biocatalysis for the integrated biorefineries: new perspectives for the sustainable production of biobased polyesters and biofuels.


Bauer, A. (BOKU – Institute of Agricultral Engineering): Agricultural residues for anaerobic digestion: Technologies to open new resources.


- Value chain, biomass availability, sustainability and bioeconomy issues in ABB development

Kavalov, B. (Joint Research Centre, European Commision) Bioeconomy: the key issues in Europe.

Marelli, L. (Joint Research Centre, European Commision) Sustainibility of advanced biofuels.

Kaufmann, A.K. (Biocampus Straubing): Green chemistry belt / opportunities and obstacles for biomass logistics at the river Danube.

- Technologies and Industrial scale-up of ABB

Müller, B. (Agency for Renewable Resource): Advanced biofuels and biorefineries: Technology development and industrial scale-up. Role of EBTP.

Hamje, H. (Concawe): Challenges and opportunities for advanced biofuels: an oil industry perspective.

Kostik, P. (Enviral): Industrial production of biofuels in Slovakia: Perspectives for advanced biofuels and biorefinery development.

Friday 27. 3. 2015                                                                         

- Bio-Economy, policies, legislation, role of governments, knowledge society

Iriarte, L. (International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategy, Madrid, ES): Sustainability challenges to boost bioeconomy.

Toldi, O. (Szent István University): Biomass as a renewable resource for added value products: General insight into the Hungarian activities.

Kržan, A. (National Institute of Chemistry): From biomass to sustainable biomaterials and bioplastics.

- Situation of ABBE in CEE countries - present situation and plans, challenges, bottlenecks

Jelemenský, L. (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava): Potential of renewable energy sources, Advanced Biofuels and Biorefinery in Slovakia.

Martinov, M. (University of Novi Sad): Corn stover as a feedstock for advanced biofuels in Serbia.

Gyalai-Korpos, M. (Pannon Pro Innovations Ltd.): Status of bioeconomy in Hungary general introduction and insight into climate-kic activity and projects.

Gál, L. (Czech Technology Platform for Biofuels): Czech technology biofuels platform.

- Round table discussion (governments, academia, industry) and preparation of recommendation on join projects and initiatives

- Presentation of recommendation, plenary discussion

- Conclusions                                                                                  

Announcement for download

Program of ABBE 2015 for download




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